New Website and New Schedules!

So, that isn't the most engaging title...but I've committed myself to a proper schedule encompassing all my social media, Patreon, and website responsibilities...hopefully. That now involves monthly "life" updates here! On the first Wednesday of each month, irrespective of other story or article posts, you'll see this blog updated. That should prove less overwhelming for me but still informative for anyone who stops by.

It may also involve some rambling but Wix's new blog is keeping me appraised of both the character count and the read time so I shouldn't prattle on too much.

So What's New?

Well, the whole website. Ha. Okay, no, just the main page and pricing/project request page. The latter's been working quite well, the individual forms come in and no clients have appeared too vexed—so, yay! The former needs some tweaking on the mobile version to look as streamlined as the desktop version.

I recently added another part of a Patreon-exclusive story. Patreon is on a second Tuesday/last Thursday update schedule, so many more stories to come! None of my wonderful patrons have used any of their free copy editing word count yet. I secretly believe they're all waiting for a novel-sized word count and I'll be swimming in novel editing by the middle of next year.

Social media...I really don't know what to do with it. Ha! I've had to schedule that, too, to a certain extent, just to keep myself sane. Facebook is purely an update medium. Instagram is still all about Alice (and occasionally books). Twitter remains my main social medium—so if you ever need to DM me anywhere, consider Twitter DMs.

Editing News

Most of my editing work the last few months has focused on my long-term contracts. There are about five clients poised to deliver some projects soon...I'll be taking bets now whether they'll all show up at once.

Writing News

A little more excitement brewing on this front.

By the end of 2019, there will be a free eBook available with a few of my short stories in it. This is a collaboration with Mae McKinnon, Ian Gough, K. Hawley, and Elizabeth-Rose Best. There are some really big self-published authors in that list and I'm only a little bit scared of being slotted next to them. Only a little bit. Design's been chugging along at a casual pace (because both my designer and I are picky...and he's working for cookies to keep this book free). Copy editing is about half way completed, barring any major story changes.

By mid-2020, I have a solo anthology eBook planned with half the stories already written and edited. Patrons will receive the eBook for free, though I'm hoping to keep the costs on this one low as an introductory bonus.

And in time for holiday shopping in 2020, my novel will finally see the light of day. The editing process has been brutal and emotional and so absolutely necessary. I've clawed my way through almost a third of the chapters; it is a vastly different but much more polished beast. I just hope I can keep pace! Look out for the Kickstarter by September 2020.

Remember, if you want to see sneak peeks and cut content from my upcoming novel, be sure to join us over on Patreon!

That's all she wrote for today, lovelies, I hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️

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