Friday Frivolity: Variations of English

This is a new short series where I talk about a light topic, unabated, for a few hundred words or less. ...I'll do my best not to run off on tangents.

Today's little bit of frivolity: "Niche" does not rhyme with "itch."

But then I'm French Canadian.

English is a beautiful pastiche (that rhymes with niche) of borrowed words and pronunciations.

Moreover, it can get very colourful/colorful depending on where you find yourself and we all have a preferred variety of English even if we don't realise/realize it. Words like "aluminum" or "aluminium" can look odd if we're used to one or the other.

So, be prepared for your editor to ask what flavour/flavor of English you'd like to use in your project. We don't ask because we like to aggravate our writers with random questions (though it may feel that way at times); we ask because we want to make sure the usage is consistent and to ensure your readers won't be confused.

Don't think too hard on your characters' pronunciations or which version of English you're using, your editor will help you keep your writing consistent.

But I always find the little quirks in the English language interesting.

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