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Looking for group: Well-rounded rogue with archery experience. No fear of giants or spiders!

That’s the ad I posted. It lands me with a cleric, two mages, and the biggest paladin I have ever seen.

They need a fleet-footed guide to scout ahead through Dagora Forest and kite the sudden population of walking corpses.

Well, I say sudden, but it’s predictable; a bi-monthly contract, in fact. Beneath the lake’s glassy surface are perhaps the oldest ruins in Eldoras. The ghouls spring up like dandelions, adventurers cut them down – a very standard run.

The scouting is almost dull. Thankfully, it’s midsummer and the forest is quite beautiful. The rich aroma of foliage and flowers almost hides the scent of the undead until we’re practically on top of them. Bonus: It hides our scent as well.

It’s easy, we tidy up our targets two and three at a time. Everything goes very smoothly making last week’s imp fiasco an embarrassing memory. We’re just packing up when the tremors start. It’s a slow, rhythmic pulsing causing increasingly large waves in the lake.

“It’s coming from the tower!” the cleric points her bell-sleeve covered hand to the east. Part of the ruin – could’ve been a tower, I guess – scatters rocks into the water with every shudder.

I didn’t see it coming. The explosion is sudden, violent, and all I see is a flash of rubbery tentacles. I reach for an arrow, but my quiver is empty; I lunge with the bladed end and trip over a root; and that’s when I realise I’m out of flare bombs, smoke potions, and toxic darts.

My attempts at dodging the ensuing onslaught of barbed limbs results in sharp agony in my own. The world spins. Something cracks – my head or my back – and now, I can’t feel my legs. A groaning whimper comes from my lips, but it hurts too much to think. There’s blood in my eyes and screams in my ears.

What are the odds of rolling a one on a D20 six times in a row? The dice must really hate me today.

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