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Welcome, wonderful kittens, to a one-stop page for all the exclusive writings I've so far completed for Patreon.

Right now, they're available hosted on this website, and, once each story is complete, it'll be available in a PDF and/or EPUB!

Free eBooks

Fantasy Unbound, a fantasy anthology: Download the PDF  |  Download the ePub


Part 1: Special Occasion

Part 2: Learning to Fly Together

Part 3: Curiosity

Part 4: Space Dragon?

Part 5: Undarra

Part 6: Decision

Gryphon Riders

Part 1: Coming Soon!

Short Stories

Haunted House, a little ghost story from a different perspective, coming to an eBook anthology soon. 

A sneak peek of a short story exclusive to my upcoming eBook anthology.

Exclusive to Patreon members, here's a selection of extra and delete scenes from my upcoming novel, Endings. As my novel has evolved through the writing and editing process, some scenes inevitably end up on the cutting room floor, but I also have several scenes I write for inspiration, sometimes from other characters' perspectives or as lead ins to the novel's narrative. Whatever writing has to do with Endings, you'll find it here!

Deleted Scenes

Coming Soon!

Extra Scenes

Shálym's Story (Last Updated November 28th, 2019)

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