I was raised in Northern Canada among old farmland, older trees, and heaps of snow. My love of stories originally stemmed from an overactive imagination on too quiet nights and great-grandparents with many tales to tell. It probably goes without saying that I fell in love with books very early on. Whether it was to escape or relax, I’ve always had my nose in a book and I started writing (terrible) stories at a young age.

Just before starting university, I began to write in earnest and, unknowingly, I also began my editing career. My first proper editing job was in my second year of university when a couple of curmudgeonly professors would dock over half of a paper’s grade based solely on spelling. From editing my fellow students essays, I moved to working with the aforementioned (still curmudgeonly) professors on academic articles and journals, and then cultivated my love of reading into editing fiction.

My editing sidekick and catboss, Alice.

Now living in Southern Ontario, I completed the Publishing Certificate at Ryerson University and continue both writing and editing. I’ve also expanded my website to include reviews of the various things I read and a blog discussing the inner workings of the Scribe Cat—editor, writer, booklover!

  • Over ten years' experience in substantive, stylistic, and copy editing for academic writing (APA or MLA style), non-fiction, and genre fiction

  • 2015 Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University (Ontario, Canada)

  • Courses included Substantive/Stylistic Editing, Copy Editing, Book Design, Digital Publishing

  • Comfortable editing Canadian, British, or American English

  • Current with Oxford, Chicago, APA, MLA, AP, and CP style guides among others

  • Strong working knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft Office products—including Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Word, and Excel

  • Excellent grasp of eBook coding and editing—HTML, CSS, and XML

  • Considerable experience working with authors with learning disabilities, as well as ESL authors

  • Academic background includes Psychology (2009 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Laurentian University), Law, Philosophy, Biology/Animal Care, and English Literature

  • List of past and current projects and clients can be found on the Edited Works page

“As a former Marketing Executive and Editor myself, Ashley has never failed to impress me with her ability to adapt her feedback to an author’s voice and wishes. She has always remained encouraging throughout the editorial process from seeing the inner potential of a rough draft; entertaining and clarifying a vast array of characters and worlds; working on basic literary structure; and all the way to the finalisation and proofreading.” – M. O.

“I know that my writing would not be the same without her and is much improved by her input. Her specific contributions are numerous, but most critical of them all is her ability to understand the intent of my writing as I have a learning disorder that lends itself to poor spelling and grammar making my work much harder to read. With her help my writing has become less disjointed and has taken a more professional shape.” – K. H.

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