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While I work for a number of businesses, magazines, and editing companies that require I remain anonymous, I've compiled a short list of some of the projects I've worked on (and continue to work on).

Shadows of Aydralem

May/June 2020

"Freed from their worldly shackles, the Shadows leave the ruins of Aydralem with aspirations to free their Aspect brothers and sisters. Shadows of Aydralem is the sequel to The Warden’s Call. An illustrated novella featuring 12 stunning illustrations."

Once again, Nino Vecia illustrates a gorgeous tale with this direct sequel to The Warden's Call. I'm working on a content and copy edit for this second novel just like the first...and bracing myself for yet another heart-wrenching story.

Strings of Chance

May 2019

"Life is a song, sing it well!" is probably my favourite tagline. This tale of fantasy and mystery follows Edson Pye on his (mis)adventures to win the Bard's Challenge. After an encounter with a mage, Edson finds himself the center of attention for his music...and murder.

I worked on a manuscript assessment and follow-up copy edit on this novel. I immediately loved the idea of a bard as a protagonist—especially given that Edson's character is so well-written (even if I didn't like him immediately). It's a lighter fantasy with a whole heap of intrigue. Jeff Pryor did a solid job creating a believable world and even wrote several songs to immerse readers even further into this bard's story (also a new editing experience for me).

The Medina Device

August 2020

An action thriller following Cameron Lyle and the detective trying to catch him for Robin Hood-style crimes (what else is a bored, former NAVY Seal supposed to do in his off-time?). There's a little science fiction thrown in this story's various twists and turns, but it was an incredible ride with T. J. Champitto's inviting and energetic writing style. 

After contacting an agent who returned his novel with a redirect to their preferred editing service, T. J. Champitto sought me out to look at his debut novel. We worked through an manuscript assessment which included diversifying character voices, improving the impact of certain scenes, and tidying up the book's ending (which was a great discussion). We had a follow-up after the agent made a few more points and finished with a copy edit. Next thing I knew, the novel was accepted for publication, won the 2020 Maxy Award for Best Thriller, and is awaiting release in August! 

Lady of Wrath #2

March 2019

A comic series about a deadly assassin's revenge that ended up being a lot more heartrending (in more ways than one) when I read it. Austin Chuck-Yin writes an evocative origin story in the first issue that's further brought to life in the gorgeous, high-detailed artistry of Oliver Castañeda.


​While I didn't edit the first issue, I've been brought on to work on issue #2 and the rest of the series. We started by going over the comic's script ahead of the artwork being completed so I've had to be flexible to Austin Chuck-Yin's (and Oliver Castañeda's!) schedule. The final proof on PDFs with intricate artwork has also been an interesting exercise (as well as conforming to speech bubbles). The experience has been fantastic though and we've already started work on upcoming issues.

Inside Voices

October 2018

Lesley Donaldson offers her first speculative fiction anthology for free! It's a delightful read as she offers both dark and light stories in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres. 


I was asked to do a last-minute copy edit on most of the stories in this one and was pleasantly surprised by the actual range in tone and plot from a single author, especially when it opened with an almost Lovecraftian horror ("Line of Sacrifice"). Quite a few of the stories end with a twist and I thought each was charming in its own way (my favourites being "The River Strickwells" and "Talking Heads in the Dark"). Quick turnarounds are sometimes a necessary evil; thankfully, I've worked a few years with blogs and online news sites that have trained me for just such occasions!

Cauldron 2018 (Fall) - 2019 (Spring) Issues

August 2018, March 2019

Edited by Shane HeronRicky Lima, and Sam Noir

A comic anthology that first reminded me of "Heavy Metal" in its raw, but artistic, portrayal of supernatural stories. ​

While not my first time trying to get multiple authors to agree on spelling (among other things), it was the first time I worked with such a large and diverse team. I learned all about the quirks of comic scripting (and typography) while adapting to quickly changing deadlines and rapid turnarounds. There isn't a lot of writing in a comic magazine but it means every word is scrutinized and consistency between so many perspectives is important. I've so far worked on the first three issues (#3 is awaiting publication) and look forward to more! 

The Warden's Call

February 2018

by Nino Vecia and Giancarlo Vecia

A twisted tale of gods and mortals by Nino and Giancarlo Vecia, filled with Nino Vecia's stunning, full-colour artwork. This is a gorgeous book from linen cover to gold foil-stamping to the faux old paper texture printed on every page. ​

Nino Vecia is an accomplished illustrator but this was his and his brother's first foray into the full-length written story. Not only did the writing need to fit the illustrations, it had to be cohesive. I gave them advice on the story's content and pacing, completed a copy edit, and final proof. The latter of which involved a pass in Adobe InDesign and assisting with some of the design elements. It was quite the intensive project but the final product speaks to the Vecia brothers' dedication!

The Damsel and the Dragon

August 2017

A whimsical fantasy tale following two very different individuals: Lin, a runaway trying to find her fortune, and Seth, a mysterious man trying to outrun the obligations of his clan. The story is filled with dragons and magic which, naturally, made it an instant favourite for me.

Working on Mae McKinnon's second novel with her, I was more confident in keeping my personal and professional opinions separate. As such, I did a light content edit to tighten and clarify some scenes and a copy edit. We had some technical issues to work through, but the book is still absolutely brilliant with a dash of darkness I didn't quite expect.

Online Magazines and Blogs

March 2017 to Present

by various authors

Another one of my long-time, behind-the-scenes contracts is with several online magazines and blogs hiring me on as a copy editor. They all have very different workflows, but my job is the same in all of them: make sure the articles go out completely error-free and according to the publication's style guide!

Probably some of my favourite clients in terms of quick turnarounds and consistency, but I don't get any kind of interaction with the writers (which sometimes causes confusion). I can say every managing editor I work under right now is absolutely wonderful though (and how they organize so many writers and copy editors is incredible).

Academia Draconia

November 2016

A science fantasy tale that I initially plugged as Harry Potter with more dragons! We follow Gaile through her trials and tribulations at the coveted dragon academy. It's both a coming-of-age tale and a bit of a mystery as Gaile seeks out the rumours of a "ghost."

I'd met Mae McKinnon a few years prior to her approaching me to look over this novel and we'd become close friends. We already enjoyed an excellent rapport so editing for her was a balancing act of wanting to be encouraging as a friend and maintaining my integrity as an editor. As such, while I read the novel and discussed content with her, I was only comfortable completely a professional copy edit for this first novel. 

Academic Journal Articles

2006 to Present

by various professors and students

Most work editors do is in the background and that was the case for my first few years of editing! I started work as a copy editor for students and then, shortly after, professors both in and outside my first university hired me on (mostly as a copy editor and occasionally as a transcriber).

While I can't name names, I can say I've edited work published in Canadian Psychological Association journals including the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science and Canadian Psychology.

I still do academic editing for long-time clients and through various websites, but it isn't the majority of my work load these days.

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