Book Score Guide

I’m not a fan of scores, but they do offer an overall impression of the reviewer’s own personal opinion. As everyone has their own values attributed to number and star scores, we do things a little differently here at Scribe Cat!

Each review contains two parts: the review of the content and the review of the physical book or eBook design.

The Story

When looking at the story and its components, the reviewer might examine and comment on any of the following: structure, character, setting, plot, pacing, dialogue, description, figurative language, clarity, POV/voice, and even the Author’s intentions.

The Book

When looking at a physical book, we examine the exterior and interior design. This includes the cover, front and back matter, fonts, layouts, and readability. When looking at an eBook, most of those same elements are looked at, but usability is also an issue.

Final Word

Includes both a summary and pros/cons list to give an overview of the book as a whole as well as links to where the book may be purchased.

I loved reading this book!

Most, if not all, of the components of the story were well-executed and the book design is well done. There may be flaws, but they’re minimal. Giving this book a read is highly recommended if it interests you. It’s definitely on my shelf to be read again and again.

I enjoyed reading this book.

At least some of the story components were well done while the rest was pleasant and/or decent. There are some faults with the design or style, but, if you enjoy the genre, overall the book is worth a look and it’s certainly found a spot on my shelf.

It didn't make the shelf for one reason or another.

While the read was enjoyable, it may not have made my shelf (or is tucked away at the back) for various reasons. I have many critiques about the story and/or design, but, overall, it is readable and may be enjoyable if you can overlook its faults.

I had difficulty with this one.

There was some trouble with this story because many components were poorly executed. There are many design flaws and it will not be on my shelf. Despite this, I made it to the end of the book.

I struggled to finish the book.

It's a rare thing that I don't make it to the end of a book—I edit some incredibly rough manuscripts for a living after all—but this book did me in. Check the review for details... but, be warned, it'll be a negative read.

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