A. Lachance

While she is the person behind Scribe Cat, before Ashley Lachance began editing, she was writing. It started as a way to tame her wild imagination, coalescing into a plethora of flash fiction and short stories.

On deciding to finally seek publication, Ashley now looks for anthologies for her shorter works while polishing an epic fantasy series for traditional publication with the goal of writing no less than 40 novels. For now, she continues to write this epic as a whole while taking breaks with the occasional shorter piece to keep herself sane. Well, relatively sane, no court would convict her of being completely sane.

While her reviews and articles make up the bulk of the Scribe Cat blog, you’ll also find her attempts at the 350-Word and 1500-Word Challenge making their appearances.

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Endings [Working Title]

Waking up in the shadows of the Abyss with little memory is one thing. Add to that one blindly furious satyr and gigantic demons held back by a glass wall and you’re having a terrible morning.

Evalyn doesn’t know the who, what, where, or why… but she’s curious enough to try finding out. Hm, but what was that they said about curiosity and the cat?

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